The Fine Print: The Entire Program Step By Step


The $150 monthly payment allows you to submit up to $10,000 or 10 individual claims per month for collection services. Every Dollar submitted for collection over the $10,000 monthly threshold will cost you 2%. If you incur additional charges by exceeding the threshold you will be invoiced for the 2% at the start of your next month, as this is separate then the $150 monthly subscription.

First Phase / Cordial Collections

Invoice Guard will perform collection services for 60 days on every claim you submit under the subscription (Phase One). All money recovered goes directly to you. If a claim you submitted pays you directly you must notify us IMMEDIATELY so we can close the case on our end. You can pull any claim at any time for any reason during this 60 day period.

Second Phase / Escalation

At the expiration of the 60 day period (Phase One) you can remove the claim from our system and do with it what you choose. OR……Instead of removing the claim you can simply do nothing and on day 61 the claim will automatically be placed with Debt Collectors International (Phase two) for placement into their International Attorney Network and your case if deemed collectible will worked by an attorney within the debtors jurisdiction at a contingency rate of 27% if collected without litigation.

Third Phase / Litigation

 If litigation IS required you will have a decision to make. If you decide to not pursue litigation we will drop the claim at that point and you will owe nothing for the attorney’s efforts as this contingency work is part of the Invoice Guard Service.

IF you decide to proceed with litigation and the attorney agrees that you have a collectable claim we will instruct the attorney to initiate litigation and the contingency rate will be negotiated at that time after considering all factors related to the case.